Team Leader: Jo Wigley.

Praise God for the opportunities we have had to have doorstep conversations when we delivered palm crosses to some of the people who have been unable to get to church.
Praise God for great conversations with people who have contacted the emergency food bank.
Praise God for the amazing joy of those who, although they are ill or housebound, continue to praise God and celebrate His goodness.
Pray for those in hospital who are unable to see their loved ones, and for those who have loved ones in hospital.
Pray for the businesses in our town who are struggling and having to face difficult decisions as lockdown eases. Pray also for those who face redundancy when their furlough stops.
Pray for parents who have spent most of the last year home schooling and are now struggling to find their sense of purpose as their children are back at school.
Pray for those who have been isolated for so long that they are now too nervous to go out.