Baptism & Dedication Enquiries


If you would like to have your child christened/baptised or dedicated at BPC we would love to meet you.



Baptism (or to use a traditional word 'christening') is for those who understand the huge promises that parents and godparents are required to make or for those who are not yet old enough to make these promises for themselves. The baptism promises or vows can be read here.

Here is some helpful information if you are interested.

Dedication is for those who do not feel able to make the baptismal promises but who want to thank God for
the gift of their child and to have the Church pray for them.  This is a popular alternative to baptism where parents are unsure of their faith.

For families that do not regularly attend the Church we like you to meet one of the clergy after a service to discuss what is right for you and/or your child and then to attend an appropriate preparation session (held in Church on a midweek evening).

If you would like to explore either option, please fill in the form below and you will hear back from the church office soon. We really look forward to meeting you soon.
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