Voting / The Electoral Roll (ER)

What is the Electoral Roll? 

You will be encouraged to sign up to be on the Electoral Roll. BPC’s Electoral Roll is the register of its voting members: it's a list of those qualified to attend and to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) and to stand for election to the PCC. Church Representation Rules require that every Parochial Church Council (PCC) maintains an Electoral Roll. Note that being on the roll is not the same thing as being a 'member' of BPC; you are that by being a regular attender and considering BPC as your spiritual home.

Who can be on the Electoral Roll?

The only qualifications required are, as long as you are resident in the parish and are 16 or over, you can legally go on the roll (unless you are ordained.)
If you are living outside the parish, and have been worshipping at Buckingham Parish Church for over six months, you may also go on the roll.

Why join?

Signing up to the Electoral Roll is an important way of confirming your commitment to BPC and comes without additional obligations. If you wish, it can enable greater involvement in the life of the church at parish, deanery and diocesan level. It does help the church show its strength and the number on our electoral roll affects our representation on the Deanery Synod so it's great to sign up.

How do I register?

There are a few different ways you can register.

  • Fill out the form online HERE.
  • Download the form here, fill it in and drop off at Church.  Forms can be scanned and returned to 
  • You can also pick forms up at the back of Church.

Am I eligible?

If you've been worshipping with us for over 6 months and are over 16 almost certainly!  Click here for details and if you are in any doubt just email the Rector for guidance.

Anyone wishing to stand for election to the parochial church council or deanery synod must have had his or her name entered on the Church Electoral Roll for not less than six months prior to the election (except in the case of those under the age of eighteen).  He or she must also be at least sixteen years of age and an ‘actual communicant’ as defined in rule 54(1) of the Church Representation Rules.