Prison Ministry Leader - Paul Burgess.

I would Like to thank everyone all for the prayers, as it has been a really tough and questioning time for me and many of the volunteers within this Prison Ministry not being able to do what we enjoy and called for during this last 19 months when COVID restrictions kicked in.
With recently being part of a course with some residents which was very encouraging up lifting , the Governors were pleased and have requested us as a team to return in February, also some great news that some Sunday services, midweek  bible studies.  Alphas have started up again  (but not open to us all) I have been contacted to assist within another prison. Unfortunately this isn’t the Jail or fellowship group that I’m part of therefore I’m seeking confirmation, direction, wisdom so your continued prayers please.
Thanks be to God, it’s been so encouraging to have the sermon talks at our church on Joseph amazing to see so much in these sermons. 
Please do continue to pray and give thanks for our prisons, prisoners, their families, and prison fellowship and all that goes comes within or behind these walls of prison life.