Prison Ministry Leader - Paul Burgess.

Please pray for me as I’m now heading up our group and reconnecting with people in our Aylesbury prison prayer group. We used to meet at the prison once a month. I’ll will be hosting a zoom meeting 12th November 7.30 pm. Please pray for this to go ahead and to prepare with consideration for all.
Also, I’ve been asked to be involved in a new team with training with prison Alpha
Volunteers are still not allowed to go inside Jails. Please remember those inside chaplaincy staff and residents who are still locked up for most of the day.

Mental health is a problem
Give praise and thank you all for your prayers, thanking God for his love placing people around us at this time who build us up and encourage us. I have a Christian brother who is on fire for the Lord and working with us within our company. I feel so uplifted and blessed