Mission and Outreach 

Team Leader: Keith Croxton

The Centre The new lease is currently being finalised.  Our responsibilities for maintaining the building have been identified.  Please pray that the finances will continue to hold up & meet the needs year by year. 
Give thanks that the Centre is now virtually fully booked & the finances have held up well through the difficult winter months.

The Coffee & Company numbers have grown recently & are now at the pre covid level.  A team of our Iranian friends did a wonderful job cleaning & clearing the garden ready for the summer. 
The Centre has been chosen to be part of the Swan Trail this summer.
The kitchen fully equipped following the installation of a dish washer.
Mission to the Elderly.  Meetings in Clarendon are at 3 pm on Tuesday afternoons, which will be reviewed in a few weeks.  Please pray for those residents who faithfully attend the service we run.
Food Bank Last year was the busiest since we opened 12 years ago & the figures peaked in January.  They are now remaining at that level.

Give thanks for the generous donations of finance & food that ensures we can keep supplying food parcels to those in need.  Pray for the food bank team who are coping so well with the increase demand.
Mission and Outreach Committee meeting
Please pray for the MOG Committee as they meet on May 11th to look at the various ministries in the year ahead and start discussions on the distribution of the 2023 tithe.
Pray for another Alpha course to be run soon.
For Ignite/Energise
Pray for our Mission Partners: Mukti Mission
Street Orphans Union Biblical Seminar as they minister in India, a country ravaged by the covid pandemic. 
Mosaic & the work of St George’s church in Baghdad