Revd Will Pearson-Gee

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 17.53I arrived in Buckingham just in time for Easter 2010 having moved from Oxford where I did my theological training (at Wycliffe Hall) and served my curacy (at St Andrew's Church).

I enjoyed a full career in the Army serving all over the world as an infantry officer in the Coldstream Guards before leaving to join my brother's printing company where I spent 6 happy years.  During this time I started to go to a newly planted church which showed me something that I had never seen before: an Anglican church pulsating with life and growing in size and depth.  Intrigued, I became more and more involved in its incredibly exciting mission and began to sense that ordination might be what God wanted me to pursue.  I think I was the most surprised of all when I arrived at Wycliffe Hall to start my training.

Going back a bit, I lost my wife Anna and 23 month-old son James in a car crash in 1996.  Our daughter survived unscathed and it was working though some big questions in the aftermath of that tragedy that helped me to turn a nominal Christian faith into one that had a relationship with Jesus at its heart.  That dreadful event really did change my life in more ways that I could have imagined and illustrates the truth in Paul's words in Romans 8:28
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  My story surrounding this tragedy is here if you'd like to read it - if you do, I hope you find it an encouragement. Also, here is an article in Christianity Magazine that tells the story.

I am now married to Lucia and between us we have 4 children - Eleanor from my first marriage - and 3 of our own.  I must say that I feel a little like Job who lost so much but was then restored by the Lord and had even more.  We even called one of our daughters Jemima (as did Job).

I suppose what really motivates me in my ministry is sharing the good news that is Jesus Christ. It was this same, unchanging good news that pulled me out of the mire and gave me so much hope after my tragedy. I am passionate about making this good news accessible to everyone and will do all I can to make the Church (that is the people of God - Christians) welcoming to those who are - like I was once - lost.

I loving walking the dogs in the countryside & taking part in various field sports.  I recently did a skydive for charity and have been blessed to be selected to do a stint as a chaplain for two weeks in Verbier which indulges my passion for evangelism and skiing.

Will Pearson-Gee, 31/12/2010