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in February Will is visiting Pune and St Mary's Church and will be accompanied by Jemima Pearson-Gee and Jacob Ash.

The visit programme is below to help people cover the activities in prayer.  Please pray generally for protection and good health, travel mercies and inspiration for the teaching and preaching I'll be doing.

12.02.2018 - Arrival & pick-up at Pune Airport 10:55 a.m. Spend the day at home. Sightseeing in the evening.
13.02.2018 - Shashi Ranjan's School for street children - SPAN TRUST - Morning Assembly, then spend time with the street children till lunch time and then have a small 2-3 hours session for the Teachers. Evening meeting / Bible Study.
14.02.2018 -  SPAN TRUST - Morning school Assembly. Spend time again at the School. Lunch & Rest at home and prepare for the Ash Wednesday Service where Will is Preaching.

14.02.2018 -  Evening preach at St Mary's Ash Wednesday Service

15.02.2018 -  A day's Visit to the Union Biblical Seminary (UBS).  (Jemima to spend day at St Mary's School)
16.02.2018 - Mukti Mission  - Reach at about 11.00 a.m. Take the Staff Devotions in the morning & Children's Evening Prayers. Visit the different sections at Mukti. Stay @ Mukti that night. 
17.02.2018 - Mukti Mission  - Lead a Retreat / Workshop for Teachers of Mukti. "The Role of Christian Teacher's in Teaching at Schools / Colleges" - considering the Indian context. Return from Mukti in the evening.
18.02.2018 - Celebrate Holy Communion at St. Mary's Church - 08.00 a.m.
Lead Worship Service and Preach at the 10.30. a.m. Contemporary Worship Service.

19.02.2018 - Travel to the Hill Station - Stay in Panchgani
20.02.2018 - Return in the afternoon from Panchgani. Spend the rest of the evening at home.
21.02.2018 - Return 04.00 a.m.

Will Pearson-Gee, 03/02/2018