3pm Messy Church service


Buckingham's new Sunday afternoon family-friendly 'Messy Church' service.
A way to explore the Christian faith in a very informal atmosphere, with plenty for the kids to join in with.


Sitting round tables. Chance for discussion, sharing and getting to know each other.
Coffee. A short talk with a chance to ask  questions and explore a bit deeper.

Some very informal music. Take part where you feel you can, and don't where you don't.
Church, but probably not as you've experienced it before!


Messy Church is on 2nd Sundays in term-time from 3.00pm to 5pm.  If you want to check, just look at the calendar.

    "I think the Messy Church service is such a great idea and 
    the kids and I have really enjoyed it. 
    The welcome we've had has been brilliant, lots of friendly
    smiling faces."
Come and see!


Let us know what you think!

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If you include your name and email or telephone, it will be easier to follow up, but if you'd rather post anonymously, that is fine.

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