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Every term-time Sunday at 9.30 service, a group of creative and enthusiastic leaders have the privilege to share their faith with the children in our church at both our morning services. At the very heart of all we do is our desire to create opportunities for our children to encounter Jesus in a personal and meaningful way. Please see all our groups below:


Play Zone 
Tower Room Downstairs (Children up to ages 2.5/3)
This will be an area with toys and games where parents can take their babies/toddlers if wanted or needed. The service will be played through a television screen, so parents won’t miss out! 

Stepping Stones
 Upstairs in the South Room (Aged 3 until they have finished their Reception year of primary school)
This will be similar to Jam-tots, but with more age appropriate stories, crafts and activities. We would hope that parents would drop their children off and leave them in our care during the service. 

Upstairs in the Bell Ringing Room (Years 1 & 2)
We will have an action-packed session with stories, games, prayer and crafts. 

 Upstairs in the North Room (Years 3-6)
This group will have fun playing games, team building activities, exploring and discussing stories, prayers, craft, and sometimes working on long term projects as a group.  


We are always looking for new helpers to join our teams, it's great fun and an awesome way to meet new people and have oppertunities to get creative! If this is something you may be interested in please contact Jayde kids@bpchurch.uk