February 2017


    The winter seems to have shot by and March is not far off.  My children’s sadness over the lack of snow this winter will no doubt have been countered by the relief of many.  I have even uncovered my motorbike and taken it for a spin for the first time since early December. 


Can I please ask you to spend a couple of minutes reading this? There are some important things that I’d like you to be aware of and to pray for. 


The Vision Re-Casting and Stewardship Appeal.   If you didn’t get to church on Sunday 29th January I really want to encourage you to watch the 3 presentations on our YouTube page (buckingham parish church livestream and click on Vision Sunday Feb 2017).  So far we’ve received 24 forms of which only 5 are new giving commitments. With the large numbers joining the church this means that there must be a significant number of relative newcomers who haven’t yet completed any sort of giving form.  The vision is an exciting one but we can only make it a reality of we all play our part (however big or small) in the financial support of the church.  If you have somehow missed all the plugs & reminders you can download the forms via the website (go to Church Life>Giving Daring Faith). 


Parish Weekend Away 29th Sept – 1st Oct.  Numbers are growing (now over 50 signed-up) but there is plenty more space so please consider coming.  Full details are on the website and fliers also available in Church.  We’d love this to be the largest ever w/e away so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to grab me for a chat.  We do not want a lack of finance to be a barrier to people coming so let me or Lizzie know if we can help. Lure for the men: there are no less than 5 local golf courses! 


The ‘FOCUS’ Church Holiday 24th – 30th July.  Whilst the priority for this year is the Parish W/E away, a group will be going once again to the Somerley Estate near Ringwood for a week of camping and vibrant teaching/worship.  Details are on the website. The early bird rate ends on the 28th.  There are plenty of non-camping options too.  Again, if you are interested just let me or Danny know. 


Spring Harvest.  Another group is booked to go to Spring Harvest down in Minehead just before Easter. No tents in sight which will be an attraction for many!  If you are interested in going contact Flo Thornton. 


India Trip.  I’d value your prayers as myself, Angelina Chilver and Gill Gawthorne head out to India 20th – 28th.  I have been invited to preach at St Mary’s Pune and will also be visiting the local Army Garrison and some social action projects.  Please pray for safe travels and for the Lord to show me some new opportunities and for him to provide spaces to share our faith. 


Mission from The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA).  A team from OCCA is coming to Buckingham for the weekend 20/21st May and we’ll be creating a load of evangelistic opportunities both before and around that w/e to encourage people in look into Christianity.  If you’d like to be involved do let Danny know. 


Other stuff: 


New to SSPP?  If you are new and haven’t yet completed a ‘Connect’ card then please pick one up from the back of church, complete it and pass to one of the team.  If you don’t, we’ll be unable to keep you updated on forthcoming events and you’ll miss out on dinner at The Rectory!  


Church Website.  We communicate as a church family more and more via the website. Even if you are not on email we still need you to be registered so we can write to you.  If you haven’t yet registered – or are unsure if you are or not – can you please let us know?  You can simply call the office on 821509.  [If you receive our E-Letters you will be registered.] 


Photographs.   One of the excellent facilities that our website offers is to hold photographs of individuals alongside their contact details. If you want to know what this looks like just login to the website and look at the address book under P to see the rogues’ gallery that is my family!  As we grow numerically having these photos helps us immensely by putting faces to names.   


We’d love everyone to have their photo available (remember your details can only be seen to logged-in members – they are not publicly visible) so please send in a photo or photos of you/your family to [email protected] and Sue Fox will crop and upload.  If you cannot do this do ask one of the team to take your photo after a service (we promise to show it to you first before uploading!) or just bring in a photo for us to scan. 


Electoral Roll (ER).   The ER is a list of all those who by virtue of living in the parish or by worshipping with us are able to vote at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM).  If you are not on the ER we would really like you to be.  I am conscious that many have joined in the last year who have no idea about any of these things!  I want to strongly encourage you – if you are worshipping with us – then PLEASE get on the ER. Doing so doesn’t commit you to anything but it does help give the Diocese a true idea of our size and it enables you to vote at our Annual Church Meeting. Forms are at the back of church and available to download on the website (Church Life>Voting).  Completed forms to the office please. 


Some Dates for your diary …




·         Saturday 25th February - Men’s Breakfast


·         Tuesday 28th February 4.30pm-6.00pm at church. Our youth group, Blaze, are putting on a Pancake Party. All invited!


·         Friday 3rd March 11am - Women's World Day of Prayer event at St Bernadine's RC Church. 


And finally … 


I do hope you are all growing in faith and love as we go through the ‘Paraclesis’ sermon series.  Remember that if you’ve missed any of the talks you can watch or listen again via the website.  I do hope and pray that God is speaking to us all and that we’ll be growing deeper together in our love of God and also for one another as we seek to serve and save the lost.











Sue Fox, 05/10/2015