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                The Week Ahead:
Fri 17th          3:00pm        Latin Course
                    6:00pm         Hebrew Course
                    7.00pm         Prayer Meeting     
Sat 18th       9.00am          Greek Course
                   10.30am         Coffee Service Café at The Centre
Sun 19th   Third Sunday of Lent  
                    9.30am         Family Service
                   11.00am         Parish Communion
                   3.00pm          Hamilton House Service
                   6.00pm          Contemporary Evening Service    
                   6.00pm          Lent Evensong Radclive (Pauline Stanton-
 Mon 20th      7.30pm        ‘The Calling’
Tues 21st       8.30am        Prayer meeting at The Rectory
           10.00-11.30am        Lighthouse toddler church
            12.00-1.30pm        Community Lunch
                    6.45pm         Blaze
Wed 22nd     9.45am        Women’s Connect
                    10.00am       Holy Communion
                    7.30pm         Alpha Course
Thurs 23rd   10.00am        Ark
                     1.30pm         Inspire
 Fri 24th        3:00pm        Latin Course  
                   6:00pm         Hebrew Course
 Sat 25th        9.00am        Greek Course
                    10.30am        Coffee Service Café
Sun 26th    Fourth Sunday of Lent Mothering Sunday
                 British Summer Time
                 9.30am              Family Service
                 11.00am              Parish Communion
                 Midday              Benefice lunch at NASH
                 6.00pm              Contemporary Evening Service  
                 6.00pm              Lent Evensong  Lillingstone Lovell (Revd R Bundock)
Prayer Ministry: Available at the 9.30am, 11.00am and 6.00pm services, in the Lady Chapel. At the 11.00am, please come after receiving Communion or later. Receiving prayer brings the Lord’s healing and wholeness.
Men's event:  March 24th, 7pm, at The Centre. Very excited to have David and Adriano from Jesus Saves motor racing team joining us to share their story. Their racing car will also be with us for the evening! Chilli served at 7.15. £5.  Please do be inviting non-church men to this; it will be a great night. The more the merrier.  Danny Rodgers, [email protected]
Fundraising Talk:  Maj Gen Peter Williams CMG OBE returns on Tuesday 28th March 7.30pm to give a talk on ‘Commando Raids in Norway’. All proceeds in aid of BPC. Tickets £10 available on the door - £4 for Students. Ticket includes for wine and nibbles.
"The Calling" is due to meet again on Monday 20th March, in the South Room, upstairs in Church.  We will start at 7.30 pm, but we will be there from 7.00 pm onward for a cup of tea or coffee.  It’s just a chance to get to know people. In this session we will look briefly at the Gifts of Faith, Discernment and Healing.
Church minibus: We would like to run the minibus to the 11am Sunday service, to pick up and drop off anyone who can't get to church due to mobility or transport issues and who lives in the Buckingham area. If you can help please contact Jo Ash at [email protected] or let the office know.
Date of the next Women's breakfast has had to be changed to Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 9am (until 10am) and will be held in the Church. Our speaker will be Mary Williams. There will be a sign up sheet at the back of Church in due course, please book your place in advance, with payment of £3 on the door.
Outreach: George Pinnegar is heading-up an outreach team that will be going out into the town praying for people. First outing will be Saturday 15th April. If you’re interested in being involved or praying for the ministry please email [email protected]
Easter ALIVE 2017’ is coming soon. We are planning a hog roast for after the 6pm service on Easter day. Everyone is welcome, please invite family and friends.  Tim King
The Children’s Society Box Holders: Please leave your box in the parish office for me to collect, no later than the 31st March if you wish your box to be included in the half yearly count. I will arrange for your box to be picked up from your home if this should be a problem. Your continued support is very much appreciated. Liz Mayston 01280 816843
Christian Aid Soup Lunch: This annual Lent lunch for Christian Aid is on Thursday 30th March from 12.00-1.30pm at The Centre, Verney Close. We will welcome a Christian Aid speaker to talk about their current work helping refugees. Pick up a flier and invite a friend. For more information contact Judith Bundock on 01280 813887. 
PCC  Secretary:  At the Annual Church Meeting on 3 April I will be stepping down as PCC Secretary having completed two five year terms in office.  If you are interested in taking on this role and would like more information, please contact Elaine Causer. [email protected] or ring 817770.
Fairtrade Fortnight: Thank you to all those who supported the various events.  The Big Brew raised £97 in donations for Traidcraft Exchange.  I still have some cards suitable for Mothering Sunday and Easter.  Easter Eggs are in stock. Buy now or order on the signup sheet on the Traidcraft cupboard. Tina Mitchell
Kit Cat Family: One of our Kit Cat families has been living in temporary accommodation with her two young children; they have now been allocated a Chapter 1 home and they move in on 26th March.
They are in need of the following items: large chair, dining room table and chairs, double bed, firm mattress, single & double sheets, curtains, towels, tablecloths and a kingsize duvet plus covers. If you can help with any of these items, please contact Sue Neville on 07940 423808 or Christine Barrell on 07779 149418 or speak to us at church. 
The Revised Electoral Roll: can be found in a red ring binder on the chest by the font. Please check that your entry is correct and report any errors to Gill Stopps on 01280 812838 or to the Church Office before the APCM on 3rd April. 
Bosch Dishwasher: Free to a good home, Contact Cheryl Dawson 823026

Prayer Chain: If you need or know of someone who needs prayer, please call Gill Croxton who heads up the Prayer Chain (815100)
Stewardship Co-ordinator:  Judith Bundock (813887) [email protected]
Rector: Rev Will Pearson-Gee: [email protected] (830221)
Curate: Rev Danny Rodgers: [email protected] (07814 243193)
Pastoral Care Worker: Jo Ash: [email protected]
Worship Leader:  Tim King: [email protected]
Children and Youth Minister:  Emma King: [email protected]
Families’ Worker: Amanda Marshall: [email protected]
Safeguarding team: Jane Wardale and Denise Evans: [email protected]
Full service information:
Duty Churchwardens:   18th – 19th March Pam Fox     (812511)
                                            19th – 24th March Paddy Collins (823006)
Parish Office: Mon – Fri, 10am – 12pm (01280 821509) [email protected]
Notice sheet items by email to Sarah North: [email protected] or to [email protected] by 6pm on Wednesday.